Precious are a Leeds based art collective ‘comprising draughtspeople, sculptors, painters, photographers, and digital artists’.

All members work as individual artists, but share a united voice in this collaborative collective, and the colour pink seems to be a recurring theme too…

We were excited to commission Precious for the ground floor room in the Hostel due to their ongoing ethos and proactive practice within Leeds. They advocate ‘community and freedom from elitism in art’ and create immersive works and environments that engage audiences on a ‘fun, informal and interactive basis’.

We are very excited by their inclusive welcome to all people, in and out of the established art world, as well as their ‘DIY’ artistic background as they develop projects that ‘come to you not as a refined aesthetic experience but as a rough re-shaping of reality’

To find out more about this exciting collective in the Leeds scene, our own Rachel Mallon had a catch up with them as they worked away preparing their room for you soon to enjoy.

Discover more about Precious and their room as we go behind the scenes…

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