East Street Arts is happy to be commissioning artist and designer, Hannah Stacey, to work her magic on the design of a bedroom in our new, city centre Art Hostel.

Responding to the local area, stories, archive material, maps and traces of history, we extended a call out for proposals that aimed to develop a unique environment for the Art Hostel. Hannah’s plan to craft a hand cut, collaged design, forming striking and bespoke wallpaper caught our eye and imagination.

This commission opportunity was offered on behalf of long-time arts supporters Mick Ward and Gill Crawshaw, who provided a brief focusing on the history of the local area, particularly linked to Leeds as a working Dock and specifically the work of Leeds Riverside Mission. The Leeds Mission offered access to education, clean space and washing facilities for ‘Bargees’ (river boatmen) and their families, destitute and vagrant people: It was also where Mick’s mother lived and got married.

This commission is the latest in a whole programme of events, installations and opportunities involving artists in the creation of this unique, artist-led project.

The Art Hostel is a project developed by East Street Arts, supported by Bauman Lyons Architects and Key Fund. It plans to harness the creative talents, and pure imagination, of artistic practitioners; welcoming audiences from in and out of Leeds to engage in a new cultural experience.


Hannah spent over four years living in Leeds and is still active and involved in the arts community here. Over the past year, Hannah has specialised in collaged wallpapers for artistic and public spaces.

“I am inspired by surreal and fun narratives and aim for all my designs to tell a story that the viewer of the room can engage with. I love to leave stories open ended so the viewer can take my work as a starting point for their own stories to be created.”

“I start all my works with hand cut collage designs from antique photographs, hand printed textures, my own photographs and embroider. These are then scanned, turned into a repeat design and digitally printed, by a Leeds-based company, onto paper that is wipeable, light resistant and has a handmade texture. Once pasted onto the wall, I add varnish, flock, gold foil, hand cut elements and painted texture.”

Some previous Commissions:

In December 2014, Hannah created a 10m wide wallpaper mural for the Artist Residence Hotel in Brighton that was inspired by the location and atmosphere of Brighton.

In April 2015, she created a wallpaper for Leeds-based graphic design studio, Analogue, as an asset for the studio. The design was intended to represent the company logo in 14 different ways and to tell a story about their ethic of working.

A wallpaper design from Hannah’s 2014 graduation collection of wallpapers has recently been commissioned to paper over a central column within the bar space of the Tetley Gallery, Leeds.

To see more of Hannah’s work, please visit: www.hannahstaceydesign.com

For more information, please visit the Art Hostel Facebook page.

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